Waveride - Terms and Conditions

- We do not offer an SLA, there is no uptime guarantee and no refunds will be granted.

- We closely monitor services and we enforce the following conditions.

- Zero tolerance policy on DDoS - DDoS affecting our network will result in server termination

- For security reasons we block Port 25 (SMTP) and Port 465 (SMTP/SSL), unblocking is available upon request (ID/passport or corporate documents required)

- The following applications/services will result in VPS suspension. Reactivation of the server only if you agree to remove them. Second offense will result in termination.

- These applications/services/actions will result in server termination, without refund:

- We reserve the right to ask you to remove the following applications in case resource utilization gets too high:

- Resource limits:

Please make sure to also read the information we provide at /plans and /faq.