Waveride plans - low-cost Gigabit OpenVZ VPS

*All Vienna and Amsterdam VPS are based on OpenVZ 7 and provisioned on a 100% SSD RAID platform

Memory Storage vCPU Bandwidth Price /month Available locations
4GB 50GB 4 Cores 2TB € 5.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
5GB 75GB 4 Cores 2TB € 6.50 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
6GB 85GB 4 Cores 2TB € 8.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
8GB 100GB 4 Cores 2TB € 10.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
12GB 150GB 4 Cores 2TB € 15.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
16GB 200GB 4 Cores 2TB € 20.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
32GB 300GB 4 Cores 2TB € 40.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*
64GB 400GB 4 Cores 2TB € 80.00 Vienna*, Amsterdam*

All prices are net and not subject to any sales tax or VAT.
PayPal and Bitcoin payments are accepted.


  • 1 IPv4 address, 1 /112 IPv6 subnet
  • Gbit upstreams
  • Up in less than 60 seconds
  • Fully cPanel compliant
  • TUN, TAP and PPP devices available for VPN
  • Guaranteed RAM (plus 1GB additional VSWAP)
  • SolusVM control panel
  • Network

    Nodes are connected to the highly capable EDIS backbone. Our network is fully redundant and IPv6-enabled. For traceroute, test-IPs and download-testing please check the Austrian, Dutch or US EDIS looking glass pages.


    Waveride accepts payments via PayPal (checkout and subscriptions) and Bitcon. Payments via debit/creditcards cards are possible via the PayPal systems. In order to setup recurring PayPal payments (subscriptions), PayPal requires a creditcard or bank account linked to your PayPal account.

    The Catch

    "We'll manage the node, whilst you code."

    Waveride plans are fully unmanaged. Waveride hostnodes aren't. Our staff monitors nodes 24/7, acts on resource abuse, hardware- and network related issues. Waveride is for Linux Professionals. We do not provide support for any kind of (open-source) software and we don't install control-panels. Our SolusVM panel allows you to address 99.9% of common vps-related tasks.

    If you're in trouble, there is the WHMCS ticket system in place. There is one thing we'd like to be very clear about: If you don't know how to operate a VPS, please do not order!