Waveride - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Waveride No-Support-Policy about?

Linux Professionals rarely need any support, that's why Waveride is _the place_ for you! Good pricing, but no support for software, no routing requests, no OS template requests, no control panel installation. SolusVM allows you to handle 99.9% of these tasks.
If you have a technical issue, we're there for you.

Where are Waveride servers located?

Waveride hostnodes are located in Vienna (Austria), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and in Chicago (USA). Feel free to test our network via the EDIS Looking Glass pages. Every hostnode has a Gigabit uplink to the internet, which is a main pillar of the Waveride concept.

Will there be more locations?

Depending on clients needs we will definitely be looking into that. To keep the product affordable, we will not be able to offer more than 3 or 4 locations in total. Switzerland is definitely on the list of possible candidates as well as Poland.

What is your stance on DDoS attacks?

DDoS (either inbound or outbound) is not acceptable. IPs are nullrouted for a minimum of 12 hours, and we reserve the right to terminate your contract.

Does Waveride provide backups?

Waveride doesn't backup your data. You're welcome to create your own backups. There are many options like rsync, rsnapshot, rdiff, ...

The control panel tells me "You Have Been Blacklisted - Contact Support"

You entered a wrong password multiple times and you were blacklisted. Our system automatically removes blocked users from the blacklist after 60 minutes.

2nd level quota doesn't work, am I doing something wrong?

We still have to set the 2nd level quota manually for each container if requested. Please open a support ticket in the emergency queue and just tell us to enable 2nd level quota. We'll apply a user-group limit of 65535, this is more than enough on 99.9% of any setups we've seen, but if you need more, just explain why and we'll set a custom limit for you.

Where do I find the SolusVM/VPS control panel?


I lost my SolusVM/VPS control panel account access data

If you know your username (vmuserXXX), use the Forgot Password? function of the control panel to set a new password. If you don't remember the username, look it up in the email with the subject-line "New VPS Server Information". If you're unable to locate initial credentials, please submit a ticket and we'll resend the email to the registered contact.

How can I cancel my server?

Login to WHMCS client portal. >> Open the "Services" tab and select "My Services" >> Open the dropdown menu with the arrow near the "View Details" button and >> select "Request Cancellation". >> Enter the reason for your cancellation >> Select whether you would like your service to be deleted immediately (fulfilment @midnight) or at the end of the billing cycle (we always recommend expiry over immediate termination) >> Click the "Request Cancellation" button.

What happens when I exceed the bandwidth limit of X TB?

In case you exceed the traffic limit of your servers plan (currently this is 2 TB for all servers) your container will be suspended until the first day of the next month. Your server will be automatically restored once the bandwidth counter resets on the first day of each month. Please note that adding more traffic to an existing server is not possible.

Can I share the available bandwidth of x TB across all my containers?

Sharing bandwidth between multiple VPS or rolling over unused bandwidth to the next billing period is not possible.

I lost my password for the client area, how do I reset it?

You can reset your password by following this link. We will send you a one-time link to reset your password.

Can I get a customised plan?

Waveride does not offer bespoke plans. If you are interested in fully virtualized KVM servers in 20+ countries worldwide, take a look at http://www.edis.at website.

Can I get additional IP addresses?

Yes. Submit a ticket if you need additional IP-addresses. Price is EUR 5.- per month each. A maximum of 5 additional IP-addresses can be ordered to any existing VPS.

Can I run Minecraft?

Yes. You can run Minecraft, but you won't be pleased with the performance. The nodes run on E5 CPUs (which have a lower clockspeed than i7). Think twice before ordering.

Do you offer any guarantees or provide refunds?

We run the systems based on a best-effort policy. We do not offer SLA or uptime guarantee. No refunds are granted under any circumstances.

Standard OS / Can I reinstall my container with another operating system?

VPS are being provisioned with Debian 7 x64 as the operating system. Please reinstall your VPS in SolusVM in case you require another OS. All common OS templates are available.

IPv6 on CentOS / My IPv6 default gateway is missing

IPv6 might not work out of the box (on CentOS and similar distributions). If it does not come up properly, simply run ip route add ::/0 dev venet0. If this does not work, try ip route add 2000::/3 dev venet0.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my service?

You can easily upgrade your service by logging into the client area (WHMCS, not SolusVM), go to services, click the dropdown menu next to your service and choose Upgrade.
Downgrades are not possible due to technical limitations (you would lose your data). If you need to downgrade, please place a cancellation and order a new plan.

My IP-address has already been used for a test-version of <some software>, can you please assign a new IP?

No. If you need a trial-version of whatever software to be installed on your server, contact the software producer and tell them that you got a fresh VPS and ask them to unblock your IP for the evaluation.

"MaxMind has deemed your order to be potentially high risk ...

... and therefore it has been held for manual review."
To be aple restore your order, please open a support ticket in the "Fraud checks / SMTP whitelisting" department and send us a government issued photo ID with it. This is a necessary precaution to minimize fraud.

Is IPsec/TUN/TAP/PPP/GRE supported with Waveride VPSes?

Yes. We fully support IPsec, TUN/TAP, PPP and GRE. In case you want IPsec, TUN/TAP or PPP support, you need to enable TUN/TAP (this will also enable IPsec) or PPP in the control panel.

Can I change the PTR / Reverse pointer of my IP address?

You can change the current PTR of your VPS in the control panel. The PTR is by default set to something (probably) not pointing back to your VPS for various reasons (either no PTR (NXDOMAIN), or something ending in ".static.edis.at.", or the previous customers PTR name). You can always change the PTR of your VPS inside the control panel. There you need to select your VPS, click the "Network" tab and change the PTR of the IPv4 or IPv6 address you want. Keep in mind that the domain you're trying to point this PTR to needs to exist already.

Do Waveride host nodes support Debian 9 containers?

Yes, Debian 9 containers are fully compatible with our system.

Do Waveride host nodes support Ubuntu 16.04 containers?

Yes, Ubuntu 16.04 containers are fully compatible with our system.

Where can I find a list of available OpenVZ templates?

We provide an up to date list of templates here.

Can you migrate my container away to another hardware node or location?

We are trying to keep our hardware nodes as stable as possible and as such migrations between hardware nodes aren't possible. Migrations to another locations are not possible either due to the technical limitation of IPv4 announcements. If you want another server location you need to cancel your current server and order a new server in the preferred location.